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        A Chinese leading manufacturer in professional, international, and high-quality LED

        ISO9001:2008 Quality System and ISO14001:2004 Environmental System Certification enterprise

        One of manufacturers producing portable solar power system for the earliest in China

        Products have commanded a ready market in more than 60 countries overseas, with powerful competitiveness in domestic market

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        Only 1/4 of energy saving lamp in power consumption, while 1/10 of incandescent light bulb; only several KWh for 1000h, powerful energy-saving effects

        Solid light source, constant current, above 10 times of service life when compared with that of traditional light source

        Without ultraviolet light, infrared ray, heat, or radiation; small glare, exclude mercury, recoverable
        Automatic mould opening, professional production; treat ISO9001: 2008 Quality Management System as standard to ensure that products can reach up to first-rate quality

        90% electric energy of LED light source can translate into luminous energy directly, with high luminous efficacy and small calorific value

        LED light source is a low-voltage micro-electronics product, which is also digitized information product of semiconductor luminescent device

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        Headquarters of Anhui Lanrui Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Optoelectronic Industrial Park, Yuexi Economic Development Zone, Anhui Province – a Nationally Designated Eco-Demonstration Region, nearing...MORE>>
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